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2.30% daily for 65 Days 2.80% daily for 50 Days 3.50% daily for 40 Days
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Support and safety True-Chain uses the most reliable and modern technologies in work, for ensuring the maximum level of safety of investment. Live support is always ready to help, with any situation, we are most available and open using a large number of communication channels - you can always to find us. Lack of private sale All participants of ICO and further True-Chain system, have the identical rights and opportunities, and also, are deprived of any risks of loss of the means connected with market manipulations thanks to absence of large investors at the initial stages of formation of the project. FIAT gateway We want to simplify experience in True-Chain, and one of important aspects of is purchase and cash pull. True-Chain allows you to buy and sell directly USD, using crypto currencies and electronic payment service providers. Transparency Blockchain technology allows getting open access to information at any time, providing thereby completely transparent process, exact data recording and equal conditions for all. UK - based True-chain saves all your facilities in the British banks and on the British servers. Legality We have officially registered our activity and we observe all laws of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. PROFIT FROM TRUE-CHAIN True-Chain works on the principle of interest allocation, investing in True-Chain you both receive quantity of TCC tokens, proportionally to the made investment, depending on the current token price, and also stable profit from participation of your investment in the general capital formation of the project. According to the progress of the project implementation of the road map, True-Chain will develop, giving the chance to gain bigger profit to all investors, with each realized system element, influencing on True-Chain profitability. It means that your profitability from investments grows with development of True-Chain capital formation. Potential of growth of the TCC token price is proportional to success and development of True-Chain
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